About DE-klubben

DE-klubben is a social union for the students at the School of SICT. This encompasses electronics, embedded data, health science, product and design psycology, and finally medialogy.

We are located at the campus, and can offer the students at Fredrik Bajers Vej 7 access to our facilities. These include free table-soccer, a pool-table and is furnished with couches, dampened lights, and much more.
We provide an oasis between lectures, and a break from everyday study life. Usually you can meet students from other studies or from other semesters, and discuss your project with them, which is usually quite fun :). Ofcourse we also have a Wii, PS3 and a Xbox One.

At thursdays we are serving plenty of beer from kegs, and what goes with it. On regular days our vending machine offers extremely cheap sodas, and other beverages. This however requires that your studycard is registered in our membership database, in order to grant you acces trough the electronic doorlock.

The board of the DE-klubben is elected for a year, which is done at the yearly general asssembly in february, where the economy is also presented to the members, alongside other information from the year gone by. At a day to day basis the board is responsible for the economy and the developement of the club.

You can attain a membership of the DE-klubben, by showing up at any given thursday, an talk to a member of the board.

There will be a membership fee depending on the length of your membership:

  • Lifetime: 200 kr.
  • This and the next semester: 75 kr.
  • This semester: 50 kr.


Guidelines for behaviour in DE-Klubben

In order to clarify the guidelines for behaviour in DE-Klubben, since this has unfortunately become necessary, the following document has been prepared. To make sure that we can be allowed to keep our beloved DE, these guidelines must be adhered to and respected!

If (bar == open) {

  1. The Bar manager and other members of the board of DE-Klubben reserve the right to remove people from behind the bar, if they feel that there is no room, or if people are in any way a nuisance to others.

    1. There is no exception to this rule, whether you are a freshman or alumni.

  2. The Bar manager reserves the right to send people home/out if they feel they are too drunk or not behaving properly.

    1. However, it should not be an autonomous decision. So if the Bar manager feels that someone should go home, they can consult with the co-Bar manager or a sober board member of DE-Klubben.

  3. When the bar is beginning to empty, the Bar manager can begin cleaning parts of the room and setting up chairs. 

    1. Members may, for this reason, be asked to move to another table so that the Bar manager can begin cleaning the area or members can be appointed as responsible for cleaning the area.

  4. The board of DE-Klubben is NOT the same as bartenders in “gaden” nor is DE-Klubben a place you can go to and expect us to clean up after you. It is encouraged that you clean up after yourselves. (DE-Klubben is a place we all contribute to) Therefore;

    1. If anybody vomits in or around DE-Klubben, they are responsible for the cleanup.
      (If they are unable, they are not old enough to be in DE-Klubben)

    2. If anyone makes a mess with pizza, any other foods or anything else, they clean up after themselves.

    3. If you are smoking you have to throw the buds in the ashtrays on the trashcans.

      1. If someone is unable to clean up after themselves, they can be prohibited from entering DE-Klubben indefinitely, depending on the severity of the violation. 

  5. If any damage is inflicted to the furniture or other things in DE-Klubben, compensation can be required from the responsible party. 

    1. However, an assessment must be made, as to whether the damage was caused due to bad behaviour or was an unfortunate accident. If the latter is the case, no compensation will be required. 


Else If (bar != open) {

If a member is staying in DE-Klubben outside of business hours, it is important to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. DE-Klubben is NOT a place for unannounced parties! This means: An agreement must be made with the board of DE-Klubben and AAU Building support at least 14 days in advance. 

  2. The facilities in DE-Klubben must be treated with respect, to ensure that money is not needed to acquire furniture etc. again. 

  3. Loud music and the intake of alcohol is prohibited, even it is just a few guys, and you don’t think of it as a party (It is a party) 

    1. If G4S arrives and assesses the behaviour inappropriate, and therefore ask you to leave, this request is to be respected without discussion.
      Afterwards, you can send an email to the board of DE-Klubben explaining why you might think your behaviour was, in fact, appropriate, and why G4S was wrong to ask you to leave.

  4. DE-Klubben is not a homeless shelter! Therefore, you are not allowed to spend the night at one of our comfortable couches. It is (unfortunately) against AAU rules and something we must adhere to.

  5. It is expected that when you use the DE-Klubben facilities you leave them in the same or better conditions than when you arrived. 


Facebook DE-klubben · Fredrik Bajers Vej 7 · Room A4-101 · 9220 Aalborg Øst · de-klubben@de-klubben.aau.dk