Invitation to the General Assembly of the DE Club

DE-klubben hereby summons you to attend the general assembly, cf. § 4.1 - § 4.7 of
the DE-klubben regulations, Thursday the 21st of February 2019 at 17:00 in
DE-klubben at Fredrik Bajers Vej 7 · Room A4-101 · 9220 Aalborg Ø.
The general assembly is open to all members of DE-klubben. True to traditions, pints
of gold will be served at the event.
All members of DE-klubben can stand for election to the board. If anyone should
have questions to what the board is all about, just send us an email or ask us in the


1. Choice of moderator
2. Choice of secretary
3. Approval of the agenda
4. Determination of membership fee
5. Presentation of annual account and budget along with approval of this
6. The board's account of the activity of the club for the past year
7. Submitted suggestions
8. Dinner
9. Surprise bit
10. Board Election
a. Chairman
b. Treasurer
c. Board members
d. Substitute members
e. Critical auditor
11. AOB

Any suggestions one wishes to be considered at the general assembly must, cf. §
4.4 of the DE-klubben regulations, be submitted to the board no later than the 7th of
Suggestions are sent to
Furthermore, DE-klubben’s audited accounts and future budget will be announced
via email and on DE-klubben’s webpage no later than the 14th of February cf. § 7.2
of the DE-klubben regulations.
Best regards



Welcome to DE-klubben

DE-klubben is the largest, best and only Thursday bar at Aalborg University

Every Thursday we offer:

  • The cheapest bar at the university
  • Free table soccer
  • Free pool
  • Many different boardgames, kindly sponsored by

But DE-klubben is more than just a Thursday bar

You can become a member of DE-klubben and get access 24/7 to our exclusive premises and unique offers, which among things include:

  • Oppertunity to pay via your study card at the bar
  • 10 % discount on all items bought via your study card
  • The cheapest soda vending machine at the university (that also contains beer)
  • Events only for members

You can buy a membership of DE-klubben every Thursday at the bar (bring cash):

  • Lifetime membership: 200 kr.
  • Membership for this and the following semester: 75 kr.
  • Membership for this semester: 50 kr.


You will find DE-klubben right here


DE-klubben is much more than just the best Thursday bar at Aalborg University.

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