In DE-klubben we have many different facilities, which freely can be used by the members. We have pool, table-soccer and many diffent boardgames, such as Backgammon and Bezzerwizzer, which is sponsored by Hyggeonkel. Furthermore DE-klubben offers many diffrent console-games, including PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox One.

Another important part of DE-klubben is based on the board game Tumble. A game which is similar to children game Tumble. One important rule in DE-klubben is that Tumble can't be played without sufficient amounts of beer.


DE-klubben has an excellent tablesoccer.

  • New rods and ball bearings
  • New sides
  • Surface with DE-klubbens logo


DE-klubben has an amazing new pool table.

  • New cues
  • New sides
  • Amazing new surface
  • New shiny balls

Board games

DE-klubben has an amazing selection of board games sponsored by Hyggeonkel

  • Risk
  • Small World + Expansion Pack - Be Not Afraid
  • Settlers of Catan + Expansion
  • Munchkin + Unnatural Axe
  • Pandemic
  • Ticket To Ride
  • Besserwisser
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Regular playing cards
  • Dice


DE-klubben has more than one set of Tumble.

  • Reminds about childrens Tumble
  • Complicated rules
  • Can only be played with lots of beer


DE-klubben has a variety of different beers and sodas that can be bought when the bar is open on thursdays. Below is a sample of some of the products for sale.

The Bar

Draught beer (0,8 l):  
Carlsberg 28,-
Tuborg Classic 28,-
Tuborg Julebryg* 28,-
Childrens draught beer (0,45 l):  
Carlsberg 17,-
Tuborg Classic 17,-
Tuborg Julebryg* 18,-
Bottled beer (0,33 l):  
Tuborg Guld 10,-
Carlsberg Elephant 12,-
Grøn Tuborg 10,-
Ale No. 16 14,-
Soft drinks:  
Coca-Cola 14,-
Coca-Cola Zero 14,-
Tuborg Squash 14,-
Sparkling water w. citrus 12,-
Cult Energy 14,-
Pringles 15,-
Somersby 15,-
Guinness 22,-
Breezer 15,-


* Special beer



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